Arno Lam

Accessories - Commercial - Digital & Motion - Fashion - Portraits


Arno Lam started his career when he was 17 and quickly started showing a great interest in the art of portraits.
He moved to Paris in 1998 to start working in photojournalism.
5 years after he decides to go back to his origins, and focus 100% on portraits photography.
Step by step he turns himself towards fashion, as it’s a more narrative and illustrated way to capture emotions and expressions.
Arno always put emphasis on the sincerity and uniqueness of his models, may they be star models, or new upcoming faces. He always finds proximity with his subject, and they become one for a glimpse in time.
Mixing a journalistic point of view to the fashion vision of photography, he reaches a particular style, shared by no other.

Arno already collaborated with many magazines, as GQ France, Marie-Claire, L’Officiel, Technikart, l’Optimum, Soon…
Among various types of commercial works, he also exhibits some of his works in gallery, and did one particular event, for Dior, and the exhibition “As Seen By”.