Manuel Archain

Commercial - Digital & Motion - Lifestyle - Portraits - Retouching - Still Life


Manuel Archain was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1983.
He started his studies when he was 5, sculpture, drawing and painting at his mother’s studio, the artist Silvina Viaggio.
At the age of 13 he ads to his drawing studies a comic background, studying with Carlos Pedrazzini.
At the same time he starts his work as a photographer in a practical way, working with different professionals, from here he evolves in his art achieving a personal style.
At age of 17 he started to work on commercials, movies and video clips in the art department and as a photographer.
Has been assistant photographer of Peter Rad, Blinkk, Samuel Bayer, Tony Kaye, Marc Trautmann, Michael Haussman. Since 2004 he works as a professional photographer for advertising and cinema.
He has work with client as: Coca-Cola, O2, Cardinal Draft Beer, Swisscom, Absolut, Sony Ericsson, Kraft, Universal Music, Convene Magazi ne NY, Credit Confidential, Cardinal, BA Insider Magazine.
His personal work is been shown around the world, Buenos Aires (Argentina), Bogota (Colombia), Barcelona (Spain), Madrid (Spain), Paris (France), Miami (USA), Lima (Peru), San Juan (Puerto Rico), Santiago de Chile (Chile).