Olivier Djalayer

3D - CGI - Animals - Commercial - Digital & Motion - Interiors - Still Life



After attending "L'Ecole Supérieur d'Art et Technique" ( ESAT ) in Paris, Olivier has worked with Alain Roussel as a sculptor for eight years. At the same time he discovered the CGI process.
Olivier created his own company, Digital Chalet in 2010 and then stopped it in 2015 to devote time to his art.
Mostly in the luxury industry, he does films and stills in full CGI.
His model making experience helps him to design and to create images using a mixed between digital techniques (cgi, 3D printing, digital milling) and traditional sculptures in his workshop.

His artistic universe :
Olivier is able to bring technical solutions to an artistic level. Giving birth to advertising campaign like " Chupa Chups Colors " (print).
He also works with the photographer Marc Beaussart on several editorial or advertising projects like Another, Marie Claire UK, Rakes Progress, Airport of Paris... As well as the photographer Yann Robert for IFAW new advertising campaign.