Thomas Collin

Cars - Commercial - Digital & Motion - Food - Still Life


Thomas always knew what he wanted to do: after high school, he went straight to the Paris-based École Icart Photo, from which he graduated in 2011. Before graduating though, he started working for a company in Hong Kong, an amazing opportunity that allowed him to travel across Asia: from Hong Kong to Ho Chi Minh City, going through Shanghai. During these traveling days, he photographed everything around him – backpacks, interior furniture, barbecues… and all other Made in China objects off on their way to the European market.
In January 2012, he joined a great photo studio as assistant and editor. This career move allowed him to confront himself to the commercial world. It trained and developed his personal artistic vision and aesthetic, as well as being an amazing learning experience, pushing him to develop his still life work.
Confirming his aesthetics and interest linked to objects, Thomas continues to be inspired by commercial photographic work, in which he always recognizes the true artistic expression.