WANDA PRINT, is an integrated Production services & Artists Management, part of WANDA Productions.

WANDA PRINT is a forward thinking company revolving around Photographic and Digital story-telling and new technologies involving Motion design, image manipulation, photo-realism and the innovators in the field of digital art.

WANDA PRINT is able to offer a 360° range of services revolving around the most creative and passionate talents on the international scene; AD, photographers, young directors, retouchers, matt-painters, illustrators, 2D/3D CGI graphic designers and motion designers that can create eye catching and stunning campaigns.


Paris Office

50 Avenue du Président Wilson Bldg 126A
93214 Saint Denis La Plaine Cedex - France
T : +33 (0)1 49 46 63 63 F : +33 (0)1 49 46 63 64