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"Working to reach perfection, to provoke a sensual emotion and state." Until the early 90's, Fred's work focused more on a hazy artsy trend – before clearly defining itself towards a new aesthetic, of pure photography. This evolution was reinforced by his encounters with the "great photographers" he has collaborated with over the years. The student quickly becomes master, relying on his on the power of his experiences and past collaborations, and launches his own career as a fashion and beauty photographer. Fred then begins his search for the perfect woman, the ideal aesthetic, sensuality intensified to an extreme – a specific vision of womanhood which obsesses him, and makes his art so recognizable. As the official photographer for fashion and lingerie brands, Fred has created worldwide campaigns, and collaborates to this day with luxury brands and global fashion magazines. Fred's models are always sophisticated, but always remain approachable… and can be celebrities. Fred never tires of capturing the vanishing beauty of each magical moment.