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Huma Rosentalski

Huma Rosentalski is a German photographer living in Paris whose images do not simply capture, they transcribe - with rigor, precision and great delicacy.

The common feature of his work is the central position of the subject: Huma has the specific gift of being able to grasp a truth and make it the key, compelling element of the image. Whether obvious, or a quality, or a particularity, it is there, unequivocal. The surroundings are not a distraction, they frame and accompany this essential element, bringing it into focus.

Huma photographs sex, Eastern Europe, Eva Herzigova and her lingerie collection, in exactly the same way: without false modesty and with a sincere and elegant lighting. He stages intimate scenes with great efficiency and subtlety to create a convincing casualness.

A long, prestigious list of press titles has published Huma’s photographs: Elle, Marie Claire, Jalouse, Officiel, as well as the Sunday Times and the Guardian. He has also shot campaigns for Vanessa Bruno and Kitsuné; studies for Martin Margiela and colors for Paul Smith. He has done commissioned portraits for M, le Monde and for the Bastille theatre.

Huma Rosentalski’s work has no limits; instead it strikes a permanent balance between poetry and reality, always with the subject at the very center.

David von Grafenberg 05/2017