Manuel Archain

Commercial - Digital & Motion - Lifestyle - Portraits - Retouching - Still Life


Manuel Archain was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1983.
He started his artistic career at the age of five when accompanying his mother, the artist Silvina Viaggio at her sculpture, drawing and painting studio. As a teenager he studies comic and illustration. At the age of 17 he started to work on commercials, movies and video clips in the art department and as a photographer.
This led to the evolution of his individualistic photographic style.
He has worked as a professional photographer for advertising and cinema since 2004 being commissioned by international clients such as: Coca-Cola, O2, Bacardi, Cardinal Draft Beer, Swisscom, Absolut, Sony, Kraft, Universal Music, , Convene Magazine NY, Credit Confidential, Cardinal, BA Insider Magazine.
His personal photography projects are becoming internationally renowned and has been exhibited in Argentina, Colombia, Spain, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Peru, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Chile, USA and UK.
Since he started to work in photography and cinema he has been trying to find new ways to express his work. In the last couple of years he found in CG and creative retouching a combine medium to bring his world into reality. A perfect way to combine illustration, photography, film and art direction.
Every project and concept start as a sketch, an idea in paper, that is the most important step in his process. Then it is just a matter of choosing the right tool to make it happen. It is a combination between tradicional and new technology. It is like having a tool box, you just need to choose the right tool for each project.
There is no limit anymore between an idea and reality.