Samuel Guigues

Commercial - Lifestyle - Portraits - Sports


Samuel Guigues was born in 1984 in the Marseille area.
The themes he approaches are contemporary. However, it is in classical painting and cinema that he finds the components of his photographic writing. His creations are always the result of a deep reflection on the light, the symbolism of places and subjects represented. Nothing is left to chance. Like a unique painting, his images have an intrinsic narration; narration that takes a new meaning when inscribed in a series. A double reading was is offered to those who were about to observe it.
His taste for staging and his singular sensitivity to light form the thread of his various achievements. A singular universe allows him to work with headlines such as Le Monde, Charles, GQ and Télérama and also with advertising commissions such as CANAL +, SNCF, Perrier and Louis Vuitton.
In line with his taste for storytelling, he is also the author of music videos and advertising and fashion campaigns.
Samuel Guigues currently lives and works in Paris.