Thomas Babeau

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Self-taught, Thomas Babeau has lived in the world of photography from his earliest moments. Son of a photographer, he grew up with the smell of chemicals from the photo lab that his father had installed in the family bathroom. After training as a graphic designer, he began his career as a laboratory technician in professional laboratories. He bought a camera and took his first portraits, shooting photos of his friends and various artists for their albums and for the press.
While his professional career led him from photo lab responsibilities to the creation of a photo studio and then to photo editing, Babeau’s artistic path took a decisive turn when he decided to focus on more personal work.
Combining the art of portraiture and fashion photography, Thomas Babeau places people at the center of his universe. Man or woman, his real subject is primarily aesthetic."I love catching that tiny moment when the model reveals all his or her beauty."
Thomas Babeau’s portraits are an amalgam of purity and sensuality. Through seemingly simple staging, but one that reveals a true mastery of style and lighting, the photographer magnifies and brings out all of the model’s strength and beauty by capturing a single look or pose.